Shropshire wedding marquee tent

We hire festoon lighting to light up your event.

Fitted with warm white bulbs, our festoon will brighten the interior on an overcast day and give a warm cheerful light in the evening. These lights will be all you need to light your chosen tent(s).

Festoon Lighting installation service

As part of the service, we will install the lighting for you – around the perimeter and across the middle of the large tents following the curve of the canvas ceiling.

Extra festoon lighting, in varying lengths, is available to hire  if you wish. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Arched Wedding Tent, Hexham

Warm, Cheerful Festoon Lighting to set your event aglow

Woodsman's Awning with Festoon lighting, Hexham
Arched Wedding Tent, Hexham
Arched Wedding Tent light up at night
Wedding Tent light up at night
Arched Wedding Tent with Festoon lighting
Festoon lighting hire Berber Tent

Festoon Lighting Prices

To hang around the circumference of the tent and across the middle following the roof line (installation included):

Arched Wedding Tent: £440

Berber tent: £385

13m Bell tent: £220

Awning 6m x 4m: £110

Awning 6m x 8m: £165

Lighting hire 1